Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Thomas Train

I love finding good deals and this one is awesome, so I just have to share it! Toys-R-Us has a coupon for a free Thomas Wooden Train. The boys and I went and got ours this morning. I found it on Slickdeals.net just click on "Free Select Thomas Train Engines" and print. It's only good through the 26th (which is Thursday) so hurry over before they are gone!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Missing Daddy

Scott is out of town right now so the boys and I are missing him. Tonight on the phone Kaiden told him he had to come home and sleep in his own bed. It's just not the same without him here. We miss you honey!

Reading "Fox and Sox" the night before daddy left. Don't ask me why but this is Scott's favorite book to read to the boys, they love it too. Both of them bust out laughing at the way Scott says all of the tongue twisters.

Last week they made cookies together, one thing all my boys have in common is their love for sugar!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Still Sucking his Thumb

Connor turned two back in April and he is still sucking his thumb. He only does it at night or nap time when he has his blanky (basically when he is tired). Only three and a half months till the baby will be here so I am thinking I should do something about it now rather than having to deal with an angry two-year-old at night as well as a newborn. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of something that works let me know.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fruit Snacks and Fire Alarms

Usually I save fruit snacks for the grocery store and church, but yesterday I caved and let Kaiden have some "just because". He has always talked to his fruit snacks while eating them, stating the color and animal of each fruit snack then saying "yeah" before he popped each one into his mouth. Yesterday I noticed he has added to his little ritual and has started biting off each animals head after he states the color and type of animal, then says "where's his head go?" "I don't know, maybe next time". I don't know where he gets this stuff, it's funny what they come up with sometimes.

Talking to his fruit snacks, silly kid

Then today Kaiden asked for a bagel, so I put it in the toaster and got busy with something else (forgetting that our toaster has been deciding on it's own when it's going to pop up, no matter what setting you put it on). Next thing I know the fire alarm is going off, so I hurry and pop the charred bagel up, open the door and run over to the fire alarm with a chair and a pillow to fan the smoke detector. The alarm stopped after just a minute and the boys didn't freak out at all, they thought it was kind of cool actually. Kaiden informed me that "maybe the firefighters will come", he was pretty bummed about his bagel too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uncle Ian

Ian is Scott's brother and he lived with us for about 10 months last year, it was great having a live in babysitter and the boys just loved it. Kaiden was almost two and Connor was 6 months when he moved in. Kaiden called him "eye-an" and he would follow him everywhere, we eventually got a lock on Ian's door so he could have his own space. Then Kaiden would just cry outside of his door for about 15 min. until he got distracted or Ian came out. If Kaiden ever managed to get in his room without anyone knowing he would get into all of Ians Movies and PS2 games or play his guitar (sorry Ian), oh and there was one time where he got into a pack of his gum and was chewing about 10 pieces. On a few occasions Kaiden tried to follow Ian to school, one day he got about 3 houses down before I realized he had escaped. Not long after that we got the child proof locks for the door knobs. Connor just loved Ian, he was always coming up with ways to make Connor laugh or make funny noises. It was great to have him around and we miss him, we don't get to see him near as often now that he is at school at BYUI. We do get to pick him up and drop him off at the start and finish of each semester, these pics were taken back in April at the end of the last semester.

It doesn't matter what he's doing, Kaiden is right there by Ian's side

Monday, June 9, 2008


I thought I would tell a little about my boys, Connor turned 2 in April and is still my baby (well for another 4 months anyway). He started talking very early and has the sweetest little voice. He will come up to me through out the day and say things like "hey mommy, what cha doin mommy". He started saying "just a second" every time I ask him to come do something (get dressed, brush teeth, eat lunch... whatever) and while it gets very annoying, I still think it's cute every time. My favorite is when I ask him why he wants some thing or why he is doing something he always says "cause why", it makes me laugh just writing this. He also says certain words very cute, "it's wishious" (it's delicious) and "that's wediculus" (that's ridiculous). I love the way he gets so excited over the littlest things and he has become so independent lately. I will be trying to help him do something and he'll say "I do it myself", even if it's something that there is no possible way he could do it himself. I love my boys so much and getting to spend every day with them is the best!! I wouldn't miss out on the little moments for anything in the world.


Okay, so obviously this is a post about Kaiden. He is our 3 year old and he is ALL boy. He has always been so brave and daring ever since he learned how to crawl there has been no stopping him. Somehow he has managed without a single broken bone for three and a half years (knock on wood). He loves all the typical boy stuff; cars, trucks, trains, tractors, dirt, wrestling (you know what I mean),but he also would choose to have you read him a book, color a picture, or do a puzzle with him over almost all of those. He is my little cuddle bug and always has been, when he was a baby he wouldn't fall asleep unless he was being held and cuddled. Kaiden has become Mr. Social (just like his dad), so whenever he sees a friend playing outside he just has to go play too (this is very often since there are 14 kids that live in our cul-da-sac and 7 that live behind us). These are a few of my favorite recent pics of him.

Friday, June 6, 2008

24 hours in Utah

Last Wednesday night the boys and I, along with Keegan and Jessi, made the 3 hour drive down to Salt Lake to see Orin. He was in Utah for an Anytime Fitness managers training for a few days and since it had been almost a year since we had seen him last we figured the short drive was more than worth it for a chance to see him. So, we snuck into his hotel room and all crashed there for the night. In the morning we headed out to breakfast and then over to the Hoggle Zoo (I'm gonna get my moneys worth out of this zoo pass). After the zoo we stopped by "This is the Place" park for a pick nick and some Frisbee throwing, then after locating two Salt Lake Running stores we were running out of time. My plan was to make a quick stop by Ikea but we figured we better make our way back over to the airport as it was getting close to time for Orin's plane to leave. It was a fun day and I just love seeing my boys with their Uncles. It doesn't matter how long its been, a week, a month, a year, they get so excited anytime they get to see any of their Uncles.

Everyone at the zoo (minus the pregnant lady taking the picture)

Kaiden and Orin

Connor chees'n it in front of the Monkeys

If there is water, Connor will find it

Kaiden and his Uncles

Sizing up with a Gorilla

The boys and their Uncles

Hanging out at "This is the Place"