Saturday, May 24, 2008

Seattle Trip

On May 8th we loaded up the Tahoe and headed out for Milton, WA (just south of Seattle) to see my sister Mariah, her husband Dustin and their little boy Camdin. Their newest addition, Colton Timothy, arrived a few days after we got there (my mom flew down from Alaska to be there too). It was so fun to get to see them all and be there to help out.

One of the highlights of the trip was the Woodland Park Zoo (especially since it was free for us all to get in with our zoo pass to the Idaho Falls Zoo). We saw all kinds of cool animals, it was a great day for it too since it wasn't too hot or too cold.

Connor and Grandma watching the Sloth Bears.

We took the boys to the ocean one day and they loved it! Kaiden had fun finding sea shells and the little boys played in the sand and threw rocks. Scott even got into the sea shell searching, venturing out on his own to find the best ones.

Kaiden just adored his new baby cousin, Colton. I have a feeling he is going to be a great help with his baby sister too!

We headed down to the lake after a picnic to cool off!! It was 95, crazy especially when two days before it wasn't even 60.

Scott and Kaiden, after a splashing match... can you tell who won?


It's a Girl!

We found out recently that we are expecting a baby girl! The boys are so excited, Kaiden has said all along that the baby is his little sister so that's kind of cool. And of course I am totally thrilled!! After almost four years of rock throwing, dirt digging, mess making, car racing, rough housing, and well just boys being boys I am more than ready for a girl. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys so much and they make me laugh every day with the crazy and silly things they say and do but who can blame me for wanting a girl. Scott is more than happy and has been telling anyone and everyone that will listen about the news. Here is her latest picture.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Kaiden and Connor had so much fun with their cousin Camdin while we were in Seattle visiting. They were all inseparable from the moment we arrived. Kaiden thought Camdin was the coolest little guy ever and could not get enough of him. The only sad part was saying good bye, the boys wanted to stay and never go home. I loved seeing the three of them together, I just wish we lived closer.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Cruise

Scott and I started out the year with a cruise to the Caribbean. I was a little nervous leaving the kids for a week with my parents, but they did great!! We left from Ft. Lauder dale, FL where we met up with Scott's cousin and his wife. It was so much fun having them with us!!

This is a picture of our ship, Radience of the Seas. It was really beautiful and had all the fun stuff to do, we stayed busy checking everything out and going to the nightly shows.

Key West was our first stop. We explored the town and then we were off to parasail.

We were up so high!! It was amazing to see everything from way up there, the whole island looked so small. I was only nervous as we were coming in for the landing, I thought I was gonna crash and burn, but I stuck it! Scott got a little worried when his swim trunks started falling off as they were dunking us in the water but he was able to pull them back without anyone noticing.

Cozumel was very cool, it was our first time snorkeling on the trip and we had a blast!

We were in a nature park so there were walking paths to explore, we found a lizard and started following it around.

At Grand Cayman we took a charter out snorkeling and then to sting ray city. They said it was good luck to kiss a stingray, so you know Scott he couldn't miss out on that! They were so soft and would let you just hold them, I held one for about 5 min, so cool! You can see my hubby's great photography skills on that pic.

Once our boat arrived in Jamaica we headed straight for the beach. We didn't want to miss a minute of the hot sun, knowing that we only had two more days till we were heading back to snow. The water was so beautiful and we saw the coolest fish when we went out snorkeling (of course by that point we had used up all the film in our water proof camera).

This was taken at our last formal dinner, sun burnt faces and all.