Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet Baby

Cambrie is two weeks old today and she is as sweet as ever. I can not believe what a good baby she is, I have heard about baby's like her but until now I wasn't sure they existed. The only time she really cries is when she is in her car seat, but then she will take a pacifier and be fine. When she wakes up to eat she just fusses until I pick her up. She is awesome at night, just eats, lets me change her diaper and goes right back to sleep. I love to just watch her... she is always looking around and every once in a while I can catch her smiling (I know they aren't real smiles yet but its a fun preview). I love her little hands, she has the longest fingers. I don't know if they just seem long because she always has them open and moving around or if they really are long. When she sleeps she has to have them right by her face, it is so cute. Here are a couple pictures of her with her brothers, who just adore her. Connor is always wanting to know exactly where she is at all times and Kaiden can't get enough of her. For the last few days he has been asking me if she started laughing yet, I think that will be his favorite... he loves making babies laugh.

We blessed Cambrie on Sunday since my family was still here, it was nice to have my brother and Dad be here for that. She did great until right after I got done taking pictures of her in her little dress. She spit up all over it. One of those where they spit up everything they just ate... gross. Anyway I just rinsed it off and you can't even tell. If you look close in the pictures you can see her flaky skin, she is peeling like crazy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cambrie Natalia

She is here and she is beautiful... and I am so in love!! Cambrie Natalia Dixon was born at 10:52pm on October 16th weighing 7lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches long. She is the best little baby and is doing great. The boys are just loving their new baby sister, Kaiden thinks she should sleep in his room and he'll come tell me if she wakes up:) Well, here are some pictures of our little girl.

Mommy and Cambrie right after delivery

We actually got one with her eyes open

The proud big brothers

Home from the hospital and sleeping like a little angel

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Week Left

It's official now, if I don't have this baby in the next week (which I am hoping for) I have my induction scheduled for Thurs. Oct. 16th!! I am so ready, but at the same time it's crazy to think in a week (or less) our family will be so different. The boys are very excited, in fact when I told Kaiden I was going to the doctor this week he told me I should have the doctor take the baby out of my tummy. If only it were that easy:) It will be interesting to see how they adjust to a new baby. I set up the bassinet and changing table/dresser and Connor came in my room saying that the baby should come to out house and stay for a while, I told him that the baby would be part of our family and would live at our house and he just said oh, okay.
I did have Scott take some pictures of my belly, it's been almost two months ago though. Maybe I'll have to take some more before she is born.