Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo Shoot

Well, the summer is over... we had a lot of fun and were super busy (I have tons of pictures to prove it) but instead of writing about all the fun things we did and figuring out which pictures to post I'll start with something easy. Yesterday I went up to Rexburg and met up with my brother and his girlfriend and they helped me take pictures of the kids. It was fun and crazy. I wasn't able to get a good one of all three of them together, so I'll have to try again. Connor wasn't too excited about it since he fell asleep on the car ride and woke up a little grumpy, so I don't have as many of him. Kaiden was loving it and started posing right away.

Cambrie in her tutu... I love it

Happy Birthday Kaiden

On September 11th Kaiden turned five. I really can't believe how fast these five years have gone. What a privlidge it has been to have him in our family, he has brought joy to us everyday.

Kaiden, I never knew it would be possible to love you more now than the day you were born. You have become such an amazing little person...
I love that first thing in the morning you come give me a hug and tell me good morning. I love your big brown eyes. I love what a great big brother you are. I love your laugh. I love that you are such a good friend. I love how brave you are. I love your smile. I love your excitement for even the little things.
We love you Kaiden, happy birthday!