Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here goes

So there are only a few weeks left in the year now... lets see if I can get my blog updated by then. Looking at these pictures makes me miss the sun!

We made it up to the Splash Park a few times.

It was our firt time to Mesa Falls.

Rigby Lake was a big hit! I guess my kids love anywhere they can get messy and go swimming.

My Brother Graduated from BYU Idaho in July so we threw him a party!!

Kaiden had fun at swimming lessons while Connor, Cambrie and I played at the park.

4th of July!! Cambrie was sick that day so not too many pictures, but we had fun nonetheless. We made it to the parade and the fireworks.

July and August were busy months with family coming to visit and a vacations to Wisconsin and Illinois. Lots more pictures from that to come.

Lucky Me

Last Tuesday I flew 2,690 miles with these three cute kids....

And they were amazing!! The worst part was going through security, especially since now they have to test any liquid you bring on the plane. Apparently baby bottles have been a big threat lately. We made it to the front of the security line and got every ones shoes, sweatshirts (since they don't provide blankets or pillows on the plane anymore) and backpacks off. Then we went through the metal detector and started getting every ones shoes, sweatshirts and backpacks back on. At which point they ask me if they can test my liquids, "sure". Then I notice the guy is just staring at us getting everything back on (oh great, why can't they just test it now instead of staring at me completely annoyed that they are having to wait for me - oh well). So I get over there with the kids and the guy preforms the test, no big deal. But then starts making small talk and acts like I am crazy to take three kids on a plane by myself. Well, it was no big deal, but thanks for your concern;). Every flight attendant was very impressed by them. And in the Seattle airport I had people come up to me saying they couldn't believe how well behaved they were. It did help that they were little walking zombies since we left at 1 am, but hey I'll take it as a complement.

It was a quick visit to Fairbanks, and not a very happy reason for going up in the first place. My grandpa (Poppy) passed away unexpectedly so the kids and I were able to make it up for the funeral (thanks to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon). I just LOVE this picture of Poppy and Cambrie.

I'm grateful for the time I had with him, he was an amazing grandfather.