Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oops, I uploaded these photos but forgot to finish my post. Life with three kids is great. Cambrie is still the best baby ever and am loving this stage so much for the first time. The boys were so fussy that I couldn't wait for them to grow out of the crying stage, but she doesn't even really cry. She is even sleeping for about 5 hours straight at night, ahhh I love being able to get into a deep sleep. As you can see from the photos she is chunking up just like the boys did.

Connor is such a great big brother and is so sweet to Cambrie

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The boys had a fun halloween this year. I tried talking Kaiden into being something cute again this year (like a pirate) but he was stuck on being spiderman. So I got him a spiderman costume and he tried it on the week before halloween, and it's a good thing because I grabbed the wrong size and it was way too small but perfect for Connor. So we set out to find another spiderman, but after three stores Kaiden settled for Optimus Prime and loved it. They got to dress up three times... Our ward's Halloween Carnival, Boo at the Zoo, and then Halloween night trick-or-treating. Kaiden was really into trick-or-treating running from house to house, then we would make him wait for Connor to catch up. Anyway, here are some pictures from our fun nights.

Kaiden (trying really hard not to smile) at the Halloween carnival

Connor AKA Spiderman

Going Fishin'

Connor trying to get his donut (he had powderd sugar all over his face the rest of the night)

The boys at boo at the zoo

Searching through the leaves

Daddy and Kaiden on Halloween (and ofcourse Cambrie in the stroller). Connor was not in a picture taking mood:(

Iron Man getting ready to go trick-or-treating

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So Beautiful

When Cambrie was one week old I had my friend Miranda at Sweet Pea Photography take pictures of her. They turned out great, thanks Miranda!! Anyway here they are along with some I took today (at 16 days). She already looks so much bigger and is loosing her newborn look. I just had to put her new bow in her hair (thanks Brooke) it's too cute!!