Monday, September 15, 2008

Swimming lessons and Preschool

For two weeks in August Kaiden did swimming lessons and he loved it!! I was a little worried about how Connor would do having to watch Kaiden and not getting to swim too, but he did great. I think it helped that there was a park right next to the pool and the lessons were only half and hour.

Kaiden started preschool this month too. He was so excited for the first day and thinks his back-pack is the coolest thing ever. When we parked in front of his school he said, "bye mom, see ya later". I said, well I was planning on walking you in - is that ok? Ofcourse he said yes and was just as brave once we got inside, just gave me a little wave and a wink as he went to one of the tables set up in his class.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lava Hot Springs

Last month we went camping in Lava. I thought I would finally post the pictures:) We went with our neighbors and the boys just loved it. We brought tubes and floated down the little river by our campsite. The tubes were pretty small and Connor and I were the first to try it out, we tipped over within seconds of getting on the tube. Everyone else had troubles too so it wasn't just the big prego lady. Scott decided the tubes needed more air, so we blew them up more. It worked great until Scott sat down with Kaiden and their tube popped (I guess we added a little too much air). Poor Scott had a big red ring around his back and legs.

Next we decided to make it into town and try the bigger faster river. We rented a double tube that had netting on the bottom so the boys couldn't slip through. We walked up to the starting point all excited and then we saw the first drop off... it was big but we thought we would go for it. We made it through, although we did learn that you need to lift your butt up or it gets scraped on the rocks. The next drop wasn't near as big, but I was still nervous about Connor falling out so I was holding onto him with both hands. We went down with the tube just fine but then all of a sudden Connor and I just popped out. Since I was only holding onto Connor we didn't stay with the tube. The water wasn't even to my waist so it was easy to get back in, but we had a crowd watching us (just a little embarrassing). The rest of our float was a blast, Kaiden was laughing hysterically the whole time. I could tell on Connor's face he wasn't too sure what to think (can't really blame him after falling out of the tube) but he was laughing right along with Kaiden. It was quite the adventure!!

We had dinner in town after tubing and then headed back to the campsite. We had a fun night playing games and then got settled in our tent for the night. I bought the boys flashlights so they played with those for a while and then we all fell asleep. Until about 4:30 in the morning when a rooster at our campground started crowing every 15 min. until about 7 (when we decided to get up anyway). The boys slept right through it, but it even kept Scott up (I didn't know of anything that could do that). At one point he said he wished he had a gun so he could go shoot it:) We had breakfast then stopped by a park until the pool opened. Then we spent most of the day swimming and going down water slides. By the time we headed home the boys were pooped, but we stopped for ice cream anyway!!