Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bear Lake

Over Memorial Day weekend we went on a trip to Bear Lake. We had a blast!! Thanks to my sisters husbands family for letting us use their cabin. And to my mom for the great surprise... the kids miss you already.

We played with bubbles, squirt guns, played games, wrestled...

And four wheeled. Now all of the boys in my house think we nead one. And I might even give in because it was TONS of fun. Connor wasn't a fan of the speed, he told my sister "I want to go back where I came from" when she asked if he was having fun during their ride. But, I think he blocked that part out of his memory because he still says he wants one. Kaiden of course had no fear (which scares me to death). The rain made for lots of mud and puddles to ride in so we came home with lots of dirty laundry.

The boys attempted to take the kids out, but the boat died and they had to carry all the kids to shore. They came back soaked, at least the kids were dry.

Roasting marshmellows...

Connor just wanted to be held once he got off the fourwheeler

No one could get enough of those kissable cheeks, especially grandma.

The big cousins

And I just have to add another one of Connors cute sayings. The other day he wanted to go outside. When I told him he couldn’t because it was raining he said, “I will wear my life jacket”.