Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Camera

I thought I would post some pictures from my new camera. Scott bought it for me for my birthday and I LOVE it (thanks honey)!! I'm still trying to figure some things out, but it is so much fun:) I took these one afternoon after Kaiden had been swimming at the neighbors and Connor just woke up from a nap. A perfect summer afternoon always needs a popsicle.

Can't you just tell this boy loves popsicles??

How can you not smile when you see this face??

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chukars Game

The Chukars game was a blast!! The boys did good watching the game the first half, luckily after that they had "noni" there to spoil them with ice cream and snacks. They also had fun going over to "Charlie Chukar" (the teams mascot) giving him hugs and high fives. Kaiden got both of his hands signed as well as the pennant that was the free give away that night. I asked Kaiden as we were leaving what his favorite part was and he said running the bases. When the game is over they let all of the kids go out on the field and run the bases, even Connor went out. It was so funny to see him run as fast as his little feet would carry him to keep up with the big kids.


Here are some pictures from our day at Heise Hot Springs. Scott took the day off so we headed up early and got a lot of swimming in. They have a big deep end so we put Kaiden in his "floating" suit and rented Connor a life vest, this made our life much easier. Mallory let Kaiden wear her swim goggles and he looked hillarious:) The boys both went down the water slide and we had to drag them out of the pool when it was time to go.

My cute hubby

I wanna go to Alaska!!

A few days ago Connor woke up from his nap saying, "I wanna go to Alaska!!". Kaiden has been asking to go since the day before they left when everyone was packing up. He wanted so badly to go too, and asked repeatedly if he could. It took some convincing, but eventually he decided he would like to stay here with us. He still asks every now and then, but it was so funny that Connor just asked completely out of the blue the other day. Obviously the boys miss their Aunts and Grandma and would love to go to Alaska for a visit. Here are some cute pics of the boys with their Aunts and Grandma (Connor hasn't been into posing for pictures lately, so there is just one with him - oh well)

Annie, Kaiden and Mallory

Kaiden and Noni

Abigail and Connor

Kaiden and Mallory