Thursday, July 31, 2008

Riot Zone

One night we all went out to the Riot Zone. The boys played on the inflatables with Abigail and Annie while the rest of us played miniture golf. I got two "hole in one's"!! We won't mention the other holes, let's just say I wasn't very consistant. Scott and Janet did great, I doubt Scott wants me to put this on here, but he got beat by his mom - it was really close though:)

My boys being monkeys

Abigail and Annie all smiles

Everyone at the Riot Zone after playing hard!

Rigby Lake

Well, I am getting really behind because I still haven't posted all the fun stuff we did while Scott's family was here and they have already been gone over a week. I need to get on top of it! Here are pictures from Rigby lake... it was a fun day in the Sun. And anywhere that there is water, my boys are sure to have a blast (the sand was an extra bonus)

Scott, staying cool with a towel on his head. He thinks it works, I don't know I've never tried it.

Kaiden and Connor each took a turn swimming out to Scott (with a little help from me). They both love the water and would swim great on their own if they just learned how to float.

The boys playing in the sand, they had so much fun!! Oh, and I love Kaiden's little bum crack in the one picture:) Too cute!

After Rigby Lake we headed home for showers and then it was off to Scott's annual work party. This year it was at Freeman Park and it was catered by Bajio's. There was a pinata and games for the kids, they loved it!!

Connor showing Daddy his candy.

Kaiden and Connor with their loot after the pinata. That night one of the cups of candy got left out downstairs. The next morning Connor found it and ate almoast all of it before I realized where he was getting the candy from. What a sneaky little boy!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Zoo

While Janet and the girls were in town we made it to the Zoo. It was a fun day, we even timed it just right for one of the animal encounter shows and got to see a baby porcupine, a chinchilla and a snake up close.

Abigail helping the boys get a drink, what a good little Auntie.

Kaiden taking a rest at the zoo. He was trying so hard not to smile, he started making funny faces or closing his eyes when I get the camera out. Like father like son.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

A few days before the 4th Scott's mom and 4 sisters arrived at our house. Ian came down for the weekend and Keegan and Jessi stopped by for the day. It was fun to have so much family in town to celebrate the holiday with us!! We started out the day with the parade (thanks to the Brockbanks for saving a great spot). The kids had a blast getting all the candy and goodies!! Then we headed back to the house for a BBQ which included a slip-n-slide, squirt gun fight and goofy golf. After that we went over to find a spot for the fire works. While we waited we walked around the river, played games and well chased kids around:) The boys were way excited for the fireworks and loved every second of the show. I think everything is more fun with kids, just seeing how excited they get over the little things makes it all worth it!

On Saturday we drove down to Ross Park for the day. My boys both just love the water, they both have no fear (which scares me). In the big pool Connor only wanted to jump in when there wasn't anyone to catch him. And in the kiddi pool he would crawl and splash around like Kaiden. In the deepest part his head would be completly under the water, so we had to swoop in and rescue him. Kaiden is becoming quite the little swimmer, only problem is he doesn't get how to put his head up to get a breath. He just swims completly under the water, slowly sinking till we grab him. I plan on putting him in swimming lessons next month so hopefully that helps. Anyway, here are some pictures from our fun weekend!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

T Ball

Kaiden has been playing T-Ball this past month and has been loving it!! It's fun to watch all the little three and four year olds try and figure out how to play the game. They've come a long way considering when we started most of them didn't even know what they were supposed to do after they hit the ball.

Video of T-Ball

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Connor's T-Ball Practice

Ofcourse Connor had to play too!! Here are a couple pics of him and a little video of him hitting the ball (or at least trying too)